RE: Expert PET advice sought
Date: 2003-11-05 08:42:56

I have the _exact_ same screen on a broken C-64!

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> Subject: Expert PET advice sought
> I'm trying to restore an old CBM PET 2001-8 at home. I need 
> expert advice.
> I've gone through the clean-up and reseating the chips in their
> sockets phase which fixed a bad connection on a BASIC ROM chip.
> The screen display looks something like this:
>                  []cursor
>  []cursor             READY
>  It's got me stumped, I have two cursors flashing!
>  Keyboard is inactive, cassette motor runs briefly on start-up.
>  I was suspecting a possible memory problem, but hoping it was
>  sonmething else. 6550 SRAMs have not been made for a long time!

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