Re: Software/info wanted

From: Mike Paull (
Date: 2003-11-02 01:31:01

Hi Ruud,

I have a manual for the BI-80 which I can scan for you if you like. However
I must warn you that my scanner produces poor quality scans as it seems to
have gone out of focus a little. That is not to say you won't be able to
read it, just expect a headache if you stare at it too much :)


On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 08:56:04 +0100, you wrote:

>Hallo allemaal,
>The day before yesterday I received some nice things for free. But
>unfortunately without manuals and the included floppies are all damaged. So
>any info and/or software is welcome.
>- Dela IC tester. This device is produced in Germany. It can test IC's up to
>20 pins. The board is equiped with 2 8255's. 
>- B.I.-80 80 column display adapter for the C64. Produced by "Batteries
>included", a Canadian firm. I don't know if it works, it certainly doesn't
>fire up in 80 columns mode. Any info is welcome
>-  There was a floppy from the same firm labeled "The consultant". One could
>imagine that this is the floppy for this adapter. OTOH there was a very
>small box 2*2*1 cm with "The Consultant" engraved included which seems to be
>a kind of dongle. Why would one need an extra dongle for the above adapter. 
>A search on internet revealed that this could be a database program for the
>- DAMS IEEE 448 interface. Produced in the UK. 
>Many thanks in advance !!!

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