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From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2003-10-31 08:50:36

Hallo allemaal,

> > - Dela IC tester. This device is produced in Germany.

Thanks to Max Clemens:

> mmmh... i vaguely remember some software from the "64er" 
> magazine that (together with some hardware ofcourse) allowed
> to "test" ICs in the sence of finding out how they actually
> function..... ie, grab some glue logic IC, put 
> it in there, and the software will tell you "this is a 7400".

I have played with this idea as well. But how? First you have to find out
which pin is an input, which one is an output. The safest way IMHO is to use
resistors. You connect a pin to GND through a 2K2 resistor. Is it a input,
the voltage at the pin is near 0 Volt. Is it an output, the readings will be
much higher. And now try to translate this idea to a working design. It is
doable but a hell of a job. And not worth the trouble IMHO.

I first figure out the type of pin by looking at the original board it self.
Let's take a C64 cartridge for example. You know every pin of the connector.
So if a addressline is connected to a pin of such an erased IC, you can bet
it is an input. (Exceptions are the REU, SuperCPU etc.) In the same way you
can deduct that a pin connected to GAME or EXROM must be an output. Having
figured out the type of most pins, it is time to remove it from the board
and put it in a breadboard. Then start playing around with connecting 0V or
5V to the inputs and seeing what the outputs do. 
Nicer would be placing it in an IC-tester and telling it the type of the
pins and then let him do the job by comparing it with a build-in database.

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