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Date: 2003-10-31 00:10:25

Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) wrote:
> - B.I.-80 80 column display adapter for the C64. Produced by "Batteries 
> included", a Canadian firm. I don't know if it works, it certainly 
> doesn't fire up in 80 columns mode. Any info is welcome
> -  There was a floppy from the same firm labeled "The consultant". One 
> could imagine that this is the floppy for this adapter. OTOH there was a 
> very small box 2*2*1 cm with "The Consultant" engraved included which 
> seems to be a kind of dongle. Why would one need an extra dongle for the 
> above adapter.
> A search on internet revealed that this could be a database program for 
> the C64.

Yes, "The Consultant" is a database program - I've got the manual - it's
188 pages, copyright 1984 by Batteries Included.  This is the November 
1985 printing.  I may have a disk for it as well - email me if you're
interested in me looking through my many boxes for it :)

A couple quotes from the book:
"CONSULTANT can be used with any Commodore computer with at least 32K
of memory, and a 40- or 80-column screen.  These include the Commodore
64, CBM 8032, CBM 4032, and PET 2001 (with 32K memory expansion)."

"The CONSULTANT system for the Commodore 64 consists of the CONSULTANT
manual, a key, and a floppy disk containing a 40- & 80-column version
of the master program.

Before you can use CONSULTANT on your Commodore 64, the key must be
inserted in control port 1 on the right side of the computer.

The CONSULTANT system for all other CBM computers consists of the
CONSULTANT manual, a ROM chip, ...

...the socket is #UD3 in model 2001, and #UD12 in other models."

I was curious if the same disk is used for both the C64 and PET
versions, but further reading of the manual makes me think they
were on seperate disks.  Just the manual is common to both packages.

Anyway, the dongle is for the Consultant, not for the 80 column
adapter, and it sounds like the C64 version of Consultant can
optionally make use of the 80 column adapter.
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