RE: Lightgun programming?
Date: 2003-10-23 12:09:06

Hi Mikael,
Take a look at the 64HDD Projects page. There is a lightgun project there.
The gun from LightFantastic is not like a light pen, but slightly different
as far as how the trigger is activated. I believe the gun will pull pin 5 to
5V. My "customised" gun is wired like this and works with the games you
mention. There is a demo program there in BASIC too!
- Nick

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Subject: Lightgun programming?


I just got a Light gun of ebay. It came with the usual three Light Fantastic
games (Army Days, Gangster and Time Traveller). 

Now I really would like to make my own light gun enabled programs/games?
Does it work like a light pen or what? 

I saw in an old thread on that it had som,e thing to do with
address $D013? Anybody have any info about light-gun programming? 

// Mikael

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