6350 vs 6850?

From: David Wood (jbevren_at_starbase.globalpc.net)
Date: 2003-10-22 19:53:14


Hello all :)

I recently stumbled upon a moog midi interface, and am wondering if the 6350
is simply the CMOS version of the 6850.

The 6350 in question is present 4 times (once for each midi port on the cart). 
I'm asking because I'd like to attempt to adapt the midislave to this cart.

FYI: the midi interface is quite neat.  It houses four separate midi interfaces (for a
total of 64 midi channels), one with an input, the other three without.  It
also has a number of trigger inputs and a couple trigger outputs.  Pretty
complete imho for a commodore interface.

Thanks for any info.  I have the TIFF format datasheets for the 6850, so if
the 6350 is the same indeed I'm on the right road to success.


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