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From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2003-10-06 20:25:56

>Last week I cleaned up my room and found quite some C= mice. The 
>problem is: what kind of mouse do I have in my hand? I know there 
>are four mice: Amiga, PC (RS-232), PC10/20 (1352) and the C64/128 
>mouse (1351 ???) and maybe even another C64-one. How do I see the 
>difference? And what about the "try and error" method?
The Amiga uses the 1352 mouse also.  Most amiga mice after the 1000 
have a Molded (sealed plastic) DB9 connector that has a slim ferule 
(metal band around (and parallel to) the holes - some are labeled 
1352 or amiga.   The 1350 (joystick mouse) and 1351 look identical on 
the outside with a big chunky plastic block with metal shield that 
has screw holes on the wings perpendicular to the DB9 holes (almost 
never identifed on the bottom). The A1000 mouse has a right angle 
bend on the DB9 connector.  A look inside at the chip(s) will tell 
you which is which - the 1351 has that proprietary ic (I don't recall 
designation ATM).  The Amiga 1352 has a common type of logic IC.

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