Re: RetroReplay/RR-Net + REU problem

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2003-10-03 00:26:31

On Tue, 30 Sep 2003 23:37:25 +0200
"Konrad B." <> wrote:

> When you switch to the RR, the REU is disconnected from Vcc. And vice
> versa... Everything works better when the power supply is connected :)

Yes, obviously. but the problem is that the REU doesn't work when it is
switched in and the RR is switched out. I have to physically remove
the RR from the expander to make the REU work, which effectively defeats
the purpose of the expander :-(

I'd be perfectly happy if I could switch in the RR to surf and to
download d64 images directly to 5.25'' disks and then switch to the REU
and use the X-mem Turbo Assembler for programming.

/Niklas Ramsberg
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    (:)  Bacon
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