Re: RR-List:Fwd: RetroReplay/RR-Net + REU problem (fwd)

From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2003-09-30 20:50:42

And thusly spake:
> At 18:53 30.09.2003 +0200, you wrote:
> >I bought a Datalux SV-703 cartridge expander in the hope of being able to 
> >use my RetroReplay/RR-Net combo together with my 512K REU, but so far 
> >they're not happy together.
> You might have a power problem there. The 512K REU takes quite a bit of 
> current, and the Retro Replay with RR-Net also takes more than 1 Watt power.
> >The expander has three ports and a switch that switches +5V (pins 2 & 3, 
> >which are shorted on the card edge), GAME (pin 8) and EXROM (pin 9). All 
> >other pins on all ports stay connected all the time.
> That's *nearly* OK, not sure how RR/REU reacts when IO1 and IO2 is 
> connected on both ends. Give IO2 (df00) to the REU and IO1 (de00) to the 
> Retro Replay, this will work. I do not have an expander like that, so 
> someone else will have to give it a try.
> >I use a PAL C128 with JiffyDOS if that makes any difference.
> C128 has a power problem in itself. The ground noise between far off ground 
> points is up to 0.7 volts (measured between corners of the board). Make 
> sure that the metal shield is in place, and the screw hold it on the PCB - 
> it's not only for shielding, but also to connect ground points in the 
> corners. I know some peope who have removed it, and experience problems 
> with the computer since then, especially with cartridges.
> The C128 power supply is a bit better than the C64's (2.5A on +5V instead 
> of 1.5A). However, maybe not enough to supply everything you got there, 
> especially because your PSU is getting old, Capacitors might have dried out 
> and noise on the +5V line is getting higher.
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> Hope this gets back there; I'm not on that list. I'm also sending this to 
> Niklas Ramsberg's private eMail, but it would be nice if someone on this 
> list could share his experience with REU and RR.
> ciao,
> -- 
> Jens Schönfeld

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