Re: Vic-20 speech synthesis system by S.T. Currah 22/10/82

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2003-09-27 18:04:11

One of my favorite voice sythesisers, definitely european in the
inflection it gives for letters.  It uses phonetic parts to make it's
vocabulary and doesn't have a preset word list like the Magic Voice -
with it's built-in SAY command its easy to  make it SAY just about

If it is anything like the Currah Speech Master for the 64 typing


will turn it on, and then using the command

SAY [speed] "text"

 would speak the text, adding the speed setting - a 0 or 1 - would use
either the low or high speed/pitch voice.  To get keyboard echo (where
it speaks each key typed) is

KON [speed]

and to turn it off is


I have the 64 manual around here somewhere, it goes into some ML
programming and cheking a pointer to see when the talking is finished
(so not to overlap speech commands.)  Will look for it...

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Hi all!
> Today I fixed a VIC-20 (broken 7406 on the serial bus) and got an Amiga mouse,
> a Commodore mouse and a Vic-20 speech synthesis cartridge in return.
> The cartridge contains an audio circuit, some logic glue and two ROM-looking
> chips.  The program ROM is 2 kilobytes, and it hooks itself presumably to
> the GETIN vector, saying the names of letters and some keys (home, return,
> cursor, equals, multiply, pound, etc.) as they are typed.
> Does anyone know anything about this cartridge?  The cover says "Adman
> Electronics, Made in England, Speech Synthesiser".  The cartridge also
> hooks to the audio/video connector via a pass-through cable.
> The speech quality is slightly better than S.A.M. 64.  Speaking of speech,
> the most recent pwp production (Robotic Liberation) features pretty
> understandable speech (or singing) on the unexpanded PAL VIC-20.
>         Marko
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