Re: PS/2 mouse as 1351?

From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2003-09-22 22:09:02

Greg King dnia 21 wrz 2003 o 16:55 -0400 napisał:
> > nothing reliable.  It seems that it makes almost no difference if there
> > is an inverter or not.
> Did you try a CMOS inverter?

I can't tell now. I am currently in a different place, but it was either
74LS04 or 74HCT04, not 74HC04 because I am sure that I don't have any of
these. Do you suggest that I should try with CMOS one?

I played a bit with comparator and it works, but is not yet perfect.
Almost all SID POTX/Y interrupts are catched but not all of them. What makes
me wonder is that there are lost irqs only when the port is enabled in typical
1351 routine (enable POTX/Y from one port, wait some time, read values,
disable it). Everything is fine when a port is enabled all the time.
It may be however just an error on my side, in software.


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