Re: VIC stuff

From: Greg King (
Date: 2003-09-17 12:34:36

From: Laze Ristoski; on Date: Wednesday, September 03, 2003, 02:23 PM

> Long story short:  In char. mode, VIC makes C-accesses to
> read characters.  The memory address which is G-accessed is
> determined by:  base_of_charset + 8 * char_code + RC.
> How is the memory address determined with bitmap?

It looks to me as though the bit-map holds patterns for a "phantom"
character-set.  In graphics mode, the VIC-II pretends that it is displaying
a text-screen that has an ascending sequence of character-codes -- from
$000 in the top, left corner to $3E7 in the bottom, right corner.  So, the
graphics formula is an extension of the text formula.

char_code = int(y / 8) * 40 + int(x / 8)

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