RE: Track/Sector Indicator on Drives

From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2003-09-10 07:21:44

Hallo allemaal,

> > published in a 64'er so I could scan it.

But I couldn't find it :( About two years ago I went through all 64'ers and
made a note of all interesting looking articles. I either missed this
article, forgot to note it, didn't think it was interesting at all at that
time or it isn't published in the 64'er because I couldn't find it. And
going through a 1 meter high pile of magazines is asked a bit to much.

Anyway, I looked at the print itself and the first thing I must say is that
I was completely wrong about the 6522. The print taps the line of RAM. One
address of the RAM is reserved to note the address the head is going to move
to. And data written to this address is copied to the print. That simple (I

How is that done? Two 74LS688's take care of the address, chipselect and
R/W-line. An EPROM is used to convert the Hexadecimal number into decimal.
Two 4511 7-segments display drivers latch the result and do the rest. That's
all IMHO.

PS.: is down, so note my original URL.

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