From: Chris Bongaarts (
Date: 2003-08-27 16:51:12

As Spiro Trikaliotis once put it so eloquently:

> BTW: Your mailer (Outlook, as I understand) breaks threads because it does
> Having said this, using mutt (or another mailer outside) might be a better
> possibility. ;-) If you can use ssh, I could give you an account on my
> machine if you like.

mutt also has an advantage for readers of Ruud's posts (threads based
on message subject when there is no In-reply-to or References headers).

So if, like me, you have better things to do than change the way
everyone else sends email, there are ways to make the problem go away
on the receiving end.

(Of course, if receiving a 4K message instead of 2K is a problem for
you, mutt isn't going to help ;)
 Chris Bongaarts

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