Re: 6551 driver questions

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2003-08-23 22:32:47

On Saturday 23 August 2003 21:36, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> Regarding my question concerning the cycles used by the C64 ROM IRQ
> handler: Is it possible to use VICE somehow to measure the time spent in
> this code?

no....maybe ask andreas boose, his private debug built can do this if i recall 

however, i would expect the delay beeing long and also unreliable with the rom 
routines - probably one reason why the builtin rs232 routines are that 
unreliable aswell.


apropos rom routines....since they (in the c64) "simulate" a ACIA anyway, you 
might simply see how they solved the irq stuff. (the rom routines in the b500 
or whatever should give an even better insight :=))


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