RE: Building my monster C64 accelerator

From: Oliver Achten (
Date: 2003-08-20 11:41:45

> But, please tell us what idea you had in mind? I tried thinking of several
> altenatives but all had at least one disadvantage: the needed I/O was
> visible for all the virtual C64.

Hmm, my idea was circling around something like an Amiga like memory
configuration, which cold look like....

$000000 - $0fffff : 1MB Ram with standard memory mapping (C64 i/o space),
i.e. 16 virtual C64s
                            Memory is slow ram due to extra cycles needed by
the VIC.
$100000 - $ffffff : 15MB area which is completely free to use. Memory runs
with full speed, since
                           it is unaccessible to the VIC. Could be called
fast ram... ;-) 

You could stuff all extra gimmicks in the $100000 - $ffffff area not
conflicting with the existing c64 memory scheme. And you could make full use of the
whole dot clock, running the CPU at 7,84Mhz.

How about that?

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