RE: Building my monster C64 accelerator
Date: 2003-08-20 06:16:50

Hi All,

I'll answer a few issues in the one reply...

>> Try for a simple and compatible design. I mean, you're talking about
>> replacing the DRAM's with faster SRAM's. MagerValp just pointed out that
>> you'd have to physically replace the PLA with a new one that will
>Actually making a cartridge is harder because the cartridge port has not
>neccesary control lines to simply integrate a faster CPU into the system.
>Thats why the SuperCPU uses complex caching techniques for itīs on board
>access. I have currently no possibilities to design such a complex device.

I think the cartridge (or even CPU socket) route offers the potential for a
three chip solution, providing you can "give up" on some of the complex
things like caching etc... when you start talking about replacing DRAMs etc
the project gets exponentially more complicated, and also compounds in that
you will be dealling with at least three major C64 board revisions. For
example, to replace the DRAMs, you'll need buffers, latches etc ==>> at
least one 44pin CPLD + SRAM. To replace the CPU ==> at least one more 44pin
CPLD + CPU, to upgrade the PLA... and so on. In TTL it will even be more
complex... wire-wrapping three 28-44chips may *just* be bareable for a
hacker... wirewrapping a something like the 64er project is out of the

> I did like Nicholas Coplin's c64 accellerator ideas; He talked about using
> a Pentium-class computer running a 6502 (65816?) clone via software based

Agree, turning on a second PC would be a *pain* especially given how slow
their boot process is.... but I'm thinking with a CPLD I could improve the
through-put problems... stay turned ;) But a mini-SCPU would truely be

- Nick

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