Re: Power supply for my C64?
Date: 2003-08-19 18:23:11

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<< So what I want to know is, does the C128  power supply produce the right 
voltage so I can use it for a C64?  >>
<< And what's the pinout for the square C128 plug? >>
     Pin 1 is +5VDC, 2 is shield (no 64 connection), 3 & 5 9VAC, 4 GND
   The 64 pinout is 2 GND, 5 +5VDC, 6 & 7 9VAC
<< Is there any way to make a converter from the square C128 plug to a DIN 
that suits the C64? >>
     There are such converters -- don't know offhand where to find.  But is 
simple enough to wire a DIN plug that suits 64.


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