Re: Building my monster C64 accelerator

From: john/lori (
Date: 2003-08-19 00:31:53

Oliver Achten wrote:
> Hmmm, the problem is that id really want to start development as soon as
> possible (since its gonna be a vacation project), so i dont have much time
> for both building the accelerator and learning VHDL...

Both the Xilinx and Altera tools have schematic capture
Not sure if that holds for the free Altera tools, it's true
for the student edition of the Altera tools and for the free
Xilinx tools

(you don't need to learn VHDL to use them)

> It will be a hard task anyway to find the 65816.... Im afraid that due to
> not finding this chip ill have to use the 65C02, but without it, it will only
> be half the fun... :-((

Find an old SNES to cannibalize?


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