Re: Fautly memory?

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 2003-08-13 17:53:26 wrote:
> As usual, I got hold of a broken C-64 (three, actually), with an 
> interesting problem: when turned on, it randomly displays 
> "818 MEMORY FREE" or "326 MEMORY FREE".

> My first thought was that one of the RAMs is faulty, but am I correct 
> to suppose so? Is there some other part I could point my finger of blame at?

I've repaired several C64 and C128 with broken DRAM chips. The problem
is usually with trying to identify the correct chip. This can be
done with the schematics and (slight overkill) something like Action
Most of the broken chips worked OK in most addresses, more than half of
them were faulty at 256-byte (bit) intervals and not completely dead.

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