strange non-standard tape ports on PET

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2003-08-07 16:17:34

I just got a PET2001-8C with board rev. 320081 for repair. This is the model 
with 6550 RAMs and 2316 ROMs. Both tape ports on this machine are different 
from other Commodore machines in two ways:

1. only the lower side of the ports is connected to the tape signals.
2. there are two key notches, so even keyed connectors can be inserted upside 

I have a small problem now, because I sold some video adaptors with a power 
cable that uses the power pin on the upper side of the connector. This also 
means that the C2N232 will not work on this board, as it also uses the 
signals on the upper side. Users must be careful not to insert this device 
upside down on this board.

My own PETs use the older 320008 board assembly, and its tape ports are 
constructed normally. Does someone own the other static board revisions 
320132 and 320137? I'm interested if their tape ports also have the same problem.


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