RE: Power Mac vs. 1541

From: Gideon Zweijtzer (
Date: 2003-07-11 09:11:07


> > Now if there'd be a way to slam a PCI card to a C64 :) 

> Giedeons 65GZ032 board has a PCI-slot onboard. If you connect the GZ
to a C64, it is free for other uses. 

[COPLIN, Nicholas.] 
And how long will it be before we can do this? Any updates on progress?
Honestly it will still take a while; count on a few months. Actually I
am still "waiting" for some testcode from you guys to test the
processor's pipeline ;)  Well, waiting is not the right word, because
there is plenty to do without test code, but I really do need some test
routines soon!


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