Re: Connecting a S-Video source to my Commodore 1901 monitor?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2003-07-10 12:20:43

Mikael Holm wrote:
> I'm trying to connect a S-Video signal to my monitor which has separate 
> Chroma and Luma RCS-jacks. As I recall is S-Video just about the same 
> thing as separate Chroma/luma? So I'm just wondering if there is any 
> conversion cable or adapter that converts from the S-Video mini-din to 
> two (or three for audio) RCA-males?

we offer such a converter with female RCAs, but that shouldn't be a problem. 
It's intended to attach your C= computer to devices with S-Video inputs. Just 
visit the X1541 Shop at

> And another question. Is there any composite-video-splitters out there? 
> That converts from composite video (one RCA) to separate Chroma and 
> luma? I could use this to connect my VIC-20 to above mentioned CBM 1901. 
> I've tried to attach the composite signal to both Chroma and luma, but 
> it gave a rather distorted picture on screen

How's the picture if you attach composite to the Luma input only? I don't 
know of any commercial converters, but rebuilding the filter circuit from 
e.g. a 1084 should be possible.

Another possibility might be the addition of an S-Video out for the VIC-20. I 
think the VIC itself has both outputs.


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