Re: Power Mac vs. 1541

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2003-07-10 09:42:46 wrote:
>  >> Does such a thing as a USB to generic parallel (not LPT) adaptor exist?
>  >Yes, but due to the nature of USB I doubt that it will be able to fulfill
>  >the timing specs needed by SC and similar transfer software.
> Maybe not with USB1.x, but maybe with USB2.0 which is 12Mbps?

full speed USB1.x is also 12Mbps. Problem is that many low cost (well, 
actually not) microcontrollers with USB support only support low speed USB.

There's an interesting chip at, the FT245BM. It is not a 
microcontroller, but acts as a FIFO between the USB and a microcontroller (or 
other hardware, e.g. something like a PC64 cable would be very 
straightforward) that you can attach to it. It also supports a bitbang mode 
if you want to implement the serial protocol in software. And all this with 
full speed at an affordable price (less than 10 Euro).


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