Re: Power Mac vs. 1541

From: ken ross (
Date: 2003-07-09 22:12:49

>The cbmlink software should copy files and disks via the C2N232 cable on
>Mac OS X.
mind you  the beasties running OS X only have USB ports so you'd need a
USB-RS232 dongle .
( says ken in front of his very second hand 7300 running 8.6 )

>Older Macs could be supported as well (I think the RS-422 can
>be wired as RS-232 without added components), but someone else would have
>to develop the serial routines.

there's some serial port stuff in Chipmunk BASIC , but there's a danger in
using the modem & printer ports as RS-232 without buffering etc as they can
be damaged leaving your Mac minus 1 port .

>but it may be difficult to reuse any code of Star Commander,
it's PC specific .

as i've got both an FD-2000 and a 1581 & a copy of big blue reader ,  i
just put stuff onto 720k disks then shove them into my mac , that's how i
move stuff tween them .


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