Re: Desoldering tricks (was RE: Gianmario's 64c mystery solved)

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2003-07-09 00:03:05

> Good advice.  Typically, I'll use dikes (diagonal cutters) held
> up-and-down with respect to the board, and clip the pin as close
> to the IC body as possible, leaving nearly all the pin on the board.
> You need *good* cutters to do this - Xcelite is a good brand.

I usually clip them off pin-by-pin using heavy-duty nail scissors.

Being right-handed, it gives a good training for the "weak" hand -- as the
left hand usually gets trained by pulling the motorbike clutch :)

> I haven't tried that, but it sound interesting.

Works like a charm. And you will love this method for e.g. upgrading
machines where the pinholes of the non-factory-installed ICs have of
course been "sealed" with solder. Getting that Atari MegaST2 to 4MB (ok,
now shoot me :) would have been a pain otherwise.


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