RE: PC to 1541 - best available solution?
Date: 2003-06-26 06:46:34

Hello Mario

My personal preference is use Trans64 (available from funet and other
places). This is a good performer, with good ability to work with basic d64,
d71 and d81 images and also to manipulate files between images and
memory/MSDOS. It also supports error extended versions of the disk images.
This is essentially just error code information such as Err 21,23,27,29 on a
block/track basis, the older form of copy protection.

The big negative for this software is that it has not been updated for
several years, and I was unsuccessful in licening it from the original
developer to keep it fresh. So unfortunately it only works with the very
basic X1541 cable and so will probably require an suitably older PC (eg 486)
because of the way the LPT ports have to be of a certain type.

If you wish to stick with the X type cables, then StarCommander is the main
player these days - but I don't use it having registered Trans64. From my
last chat with Joe, he didn't foresee the ability to copy disks with strange
GCR information using a PC to 1541 cable. There may be some 1541 to C64
systems able to do this, but they will only create duplicate floppies and
possibly not disk images transferable to a PC.

The transfer utility which came with the C64S emulator (only works with
X1541) supposedly transferred 1/2 track and GCR info, but these files seem
different in structure to G64 etc.

- Nick

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