Re: Looking for a simple write-only file system

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2003-06-25 18:11:37

>As you may have noticed, I took a "sprint" with some C= projects in the
>past few weeks, after having submitted my thesis to pre-examination.  Since
>yesterday evening, I got a more important project, measuring 510 mm and
>3510 grams.  In a couple of years, he will hopefully learn to appreciate
>my Commodore hobby.

Congrats to Marko & SO from one who has just concluded the special 
project on Saturday last (that 6 lb 3 Oz wetware flash-ROM of 23 
years ago got married).  If you ask me about programing advice, I 'd 
say get down to about 16 CM from the light sensors and sing to the 
project -  (even if you don't ask I say it).  You need not be 
Pavaroti and the song type seems not to be a critical parameter, 
accompaniment might be helpful - not sure on that - I used a banjo.

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