Re: Looking for a simple write-only file system

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 2003-06-20 23:48:57

Hi all!

I guess the main question here is whether the file system should be
or not. If not, then a simple directory in the begining of the file is
but if you want to expand it, there is no place to expand the directory.

For my GeckOS/A65 I wrote a small ROM filesystem that is linked by
the size of the next segment (file) at the start, so the file handler
jump from one to the next segment. Using an $FFFF as end marker gave me
the possibility to expand the (EP)ROM by overburning just the next part
from the empty EPROM $FF value to the data values :-)


David Wood wrote:
> Take a look at how the sampls are stored in a standard mod file.  Its pretty
> simple really, I dont have a perfect memory, but there's a directory of
> sorts at the front end that contains pointers and sizes for each binary
> object in the file as well as space for a name.
> -jbev

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