Re: Reset Memory Pattern

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2003-06-13 17:14:23

>This is because the neighboring cells usually have different polarities.
>The cell itself 'resets' to the same state, but the column-read logic
>inverts every other read line. This is so that when you have memory
>contents of $ff or $00, interference between read lines (in reality
>the read lines are differential) are minimized, because the cells
>(capacitors in DRAM) have different contents.
>For 1-bit DRAM's you get a $ff $00 -pattern, with 2/4/8-bit DRAM's you
>might get a $aa $55 -pattern.

So that explains why I was seeing a different patterns in C128 flat 
pancake and the C128D when I displayed my installation piece 
(artwork) _The_Dao_and_Zen_of_Metal_Art_and_Computer_Music_  in 
different configurations at different galleries.

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