Re: PLA equations

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2003-06-10 07:25:26

The 82 s100 like the 906114 has 28 pins (same size as SID and worst 
of all SId and PLA swap places between rev a and b boards so someone 
might by accident fry a PLA by putting it in a SID socket).
>In reply to Ethan Dicks:
>>  > Since some of the early C64's used the 82s100 instead of the MOS
>  > > 906114 can't this  GAL/adapter fix work on most c64 boards (rev A-C)?
>Now, to come back to the 82S100 problem: it has 16 inputs and 8 outputs. This
>is probably the biggest problem. I think that these large GALs are not very
>common. But they do exist! Take a look at the GAL26V12 from Lattice... an 28-
>pin DIP package that even looks much like the 82S100. Different pinning
>though. the GAL6001 would maybe even better, since it has its power pins on
>the edges @ a 24-pin DIP pacakge. I can't remember though whether the 82S100
>is 24 pins or 28 pins.

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