Fwd: [Contiki-developers] plus/4 address space

From: Groepaz (groepaz_at_gmx.net)
Date: 2003-06-04 16:12:38

i've forwarded this to cbm-hacking list.... ppl there should know (nicolas? 
marko? ... :=))


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Subject: [Contiki-developers] plus/4 address space
Date: Tuesday 03 June 2003 20:41
From: Jens Schönfeld <jens@ami.ga>
To: contiki-developers@lists.sourceforge.net

Hi list,

this question goes out to the people who port Contiki to the plus/4. I'm
thinking of making an adapter for RR-net for the plus/4's 50-pin expansion
port, but I'm a little unsure where in the address space I should map the
networking chip. One thing I know is that $FD20-$FD2F has been reserved by
Commodore for "something" - the PLA has an unused select signal for that
area, and the ROMs do some writing to the area on startup, so I know I
should avoid that.

The memory maps I found are marking $fd40-$fdcf as free, and there's
another free area in $fde0-$febf.

I know that there are some people who are using a SID on the plus/4, and I
know it's quite a few of them, so I should avoid that area as well. Where
is the SID usually located in a plus/4?? Where should I map the 16
registers of the networking chip?

Jens Schönfeld

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