RE: IEEE protocol under BASIC V4

From: Baltissen, R (Ruud) (
Date: 2003-06-02 09:42:20

Haloo Andre,

> I had to use this, as the state engine is not polling all the
> time as e.g. a program in the CBM disk drives. 

I completely forgot that VICE does much much more then just emulating a

I already mentioned how sensitive the 8032-SK is regarding transmission
schemes. Saving a program was no problem at all: I could use the same
routine as used for the C64. But loading it again..... :(  

After sending the code $60, which means 'you can talk', the drive only has a
small window of time where it must start its transmissions. My program needs
some more time because it's not reading the data directly from the surface
of a disk into memory. This last sentence triggered me to use a RAM-disk and
that did work indeed. But I want my emulator to emulate more then one device
including printers and I cannot expect people to use more modern computers
with lots of memory onboard so it can supply a RAM-disk. And FYI, I want to
support my own 8250-compatible 16 MB drive but I'm also aiming at using old
486-computers as CBM-servers. And 486's with more then 16 MB of RAM aren't
that common AFAIK.

My solution for the moment is looking for the needed data or info right
after receiving the name of the file, like I do with the directory. But I
must admit that I haven't checked when the real drive starts looking for a
file that has to be loaded.

One thing just occured to my mind: at this moment I'm using a 1001 as
reference. I haven't thought about using a 4040. This device has to search
two drives and that certainly takes much more time then what the 8032
allows. Still some research to do I see.

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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