Re: MOS 8565 VIC-II

From: Laze Ristoski (
Date: 2003-05-02 09:39:47

> Could these effects have anything to do with whether it's a PAL or NTSC 
> chip?

I don't possess any NTSC chip, but I don't think it depends on
the TV system. It depends on whether it's 656x or 856x chip.
There're no sparkling problems on 6569 (PAL) and 6567 (NTSC).
Unlike the 8565 (PAL) and 8562 (NTSC).

> * Every VIC-II I've ever had, in a 64, 64C, or 128, produced lighter 
> vertical lines running through the middle of each cell column;
> * I've never seen sparkles when a register is written to.

Do you know what chips your C64s contain?
> (And red-on-blue is always horrendous)

Sure thing. :-)


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