From: Laze Ristoski (
Date: 2003-04-29 09:11:03

Hello everyone,

Seems this is the best place to discuss about hardware.
I have noticed some sort of vertical lines on my
new VIC. Well, if I check my old VIC, it also
produces some lines, but they are almost unnoticable.
I wonder what produces these? I have also noticed
small differences between 8565s. On some, the lines
are more visible, on some, they are less visible.

Another thing is: why do the grey dots appear if
you try to change eg. Border/Paper color?
Let's say that I write 0 to $d020. VIC will then
read this value, and start drawing black pixels.
So where does the grey dot come from?
I guess there's no problem with the write access.
It's also possible that these dots disappear occasionally
when switching the C64 on/off.

One more thing: How many VIC-IIe (for C128) types exist?
There're 4 VIC-II types (2 PAL, and 2 NTSC).


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