Re: PetSpeed Decompiler

From: ken ross (
Date: 2003-03-22 00:21:21

> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Was there a decompiler made for PET-SPEED.... I am needing to reverse
>> engineer a compiled program....
>> Regards, Nick
>Hi Nick,
>Unfortunately I've never heard of one.  :-/  PetSpeed had been touted as
>an 'optimizing compiler' - It may not be the easiest thing to decompile.
>Hopefully Ken Ross will see this,  he also has quite an extensive PET
>library, maybe he will have some clues...
>His site is at:
>P.S. Hey, Ken, your link to my site is out of date - but then again so
>is my link to yours...  :-)

i've been away from my mac - hence delay ...

Nick ,
Petspeed DeCompiler - i've doubts about existence of such a beastie .....
but you can download my lynx8017c  which i've posted  in petspeed'd version
and in original BASIC ( a lot of BASIC4 fudging ! )  , this may give you
some clues as to the way things behave .
petspeed generates various work files on disk while it's working and if you
want i can attach the lynx8017c files in an off list email to you if you
want to try and create a Decompiler ?.

Larry ,
yes i know -  theres been more things on my list than time to do them in.


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