Re: 2532 pinout?

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2003-03-21 01:22:12

>From: David Wood <>
> > either the pinout above is wrong, or Viza intentionally jumbled up
> > the lines (maybe as a scheme to keep people from reading/copying
> > the ROM?).
>  ..or they laid it out in this manner to make it easier to design the
>cartridge (no crossed wires or vias, for example).  Either possibility
>isnt all that uncommon.

Humm... so one views the cartridge as a black box?  That is, it doesn't 
matter if externally-consecutive addresses are in fact scattered internally 
throughout the EPROM, so long as a unique address on the buss accesses a 
unique location?  And the same for the order of the data bits?  ( sorry if 
this is elementary :-)

Is there some way to defeat the cartridge's autostart feature so that I can 
read (PEEK/LDA) and dump the EPROM?  My version of Vizastar is XL4, I know 
someone who has XL8, I'm interested in seeing if I can upgrade mine, and 
he'd like to make a copy of his.


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