The Internet-enabled Contiki Desktop OS

From: Adam Dunkels (
Date: 2003-03-10 08:56:12

Hi cbm-hackers!

Even though this list is more slanted towards the hardware side, I
thought you might be interested in hearing some softer news as well

I am very proud to announce the availability of the first version of
the Internet-enabled Contiki operating system and desktop environment!
This first version runs on the Commodore 64, but ports to a bunch of
other systems such as the VIC20, CBM PET, Plus/4, Apple ][, Atari
8-bit, NES, Atari Jaguar, etc., are under rapid development.

The first version of Contiki consists of:

* Multitasking kernel.
* Windowing system with themeable GUI toolkit.
* Screensaver.
* TCP/IP networking with RS-232/SLIP or Ethernet (PPP support is under
* Personal web server for convenient file transfers (currently only on
  C64/TFE systems).
* Simple Telnet client (instead of the web server on RS232-systems).	
* Web browser (the world's first true web browser for 8-bit systems!).

Contiki is written almost entirely in C and is therefore highly
portable. See the Contiki web site for more information, a FAQ, lots of
screenshots and for downloading the binaries or the source code:

Contiki was written in the C programming language by me (Adam Dunkels)
with encouragement, suggestions and support from Ullrich von
Bassewitz, author of the cc65 C compiler. The VIC-20 port has been
made in cooperation with Anders Carlsson, the Atari 8-bit port in
cooperation with Christian Groessler, and the NES port together with
Groepaz/Hitmen. Chris Morse is currently working on the Apple ][ port
and Matthias Domin is working on the Atari Jaguar port. Lawrence
Chitty is working on PPP support and on porting Contiki to the Sharp
Wizard PDA, Fabio Fumi is porting selected parts of Contiki to the
Casio PocketViewer, and James Dessart is porting Contiki to the Tandy
CoCo. Mikael Backlund has drawn the Contiki desktop icons. Huge
thanks to all for making this possible!

Adam Dunkels <>

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