Re: OT: Re: vi on the 64

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2003-02-18 07:30:49

> > I mostly use BSD nvi since BSD or BSD-like is on the majority of my hosts
> > (OS/MP, NetBSD, Mac OS X), although AIX has its own weird variant :-P

> Weird?
> AIX vi is plain old BSD vi with a lot of bugs beaten out and the POSIX 
> stuff beaten into it. Actually, it's rumoured that Bill Joy wrote vi at 
> Berkeley under an IBM contract.

Odd, because the man pages don't match up at all (AIX 4.1.x), and neither
do the comments in the binary (per strings `which vi`). But I can't say I'm
surprised to hear it's BSD-derived here too, either ;-)

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