vi on the 64

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2003-02-16 02:06:55

I've made good on one of my long-standing threats and created a small
implementation of the vi editor for the C64.

svicc features an extended subset of nex/nvi commands and is designed to
integrate well with Commodore BASIC. It supports many basic motion,
editing and positioning commands and includes a number of Commodore-specific
features, including a built-in disk wedge. Almost all 38K of the BASIC
text space is available for documents.

The web page also details how to use svicc to build self-displaying

Basic documentation is built-in to svicc, and the web page has a complete
reference intended for current vi addicts.

svicc is freeware. Have fun. Comments appreciated, including its performance
with accelerator cartridges and the SuperCPU.

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