2031 disk drive

From: bruce phipps (brucep_at_knightlore.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: 2003-02-13 01:16:44

Hi All,
I've recently had the good fortune to get hold of a 2031LP drive. Not been used in a long time so no guarantee it worked. I was told it would read 4040 disks, though when I tried to catalog, I got nothing on-screen and the drive LED just flashed continuously, so I thought it must be faulty, even though the disk was spinning. After trying a catalog several more times, I got half the directory, then eventually all of it, but it wouldn't load any program. Several re-tries later, I finally got a program to load. It now loads every time, though still seems to have trouble with REL & SEQ files, now & then. Is this just dust build-up or something else?
I wondered with the mechanism being belt-driven, how long the band lasts? (before it stretches and starts affecting the disk speed??)

I also want to try formatting a disk, but can't remember what the PET commands are - anyone give me a clue?! Also, what did the CONCAT command do?


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