Re: Commodore 900 auction

From: Adrian Vickers (
Date: 2003-02-02 11:56:48

At 10:12 02/02/2003, Daniele Gratteri wrote:

>I was searching for something on eBay when I found this auction:
>Maybe it can be interesting for you :-)

Unfortunately, my German isn't too good, so I ran the description through a 
translator to get the gist. For some reason, the results amused me:

"C 900 was Commodores response to a question the nobody placed: As 
counterpart to workstations of Apollo or HP he was probably meant. The 
unixaehnliche operating system " Coherent " as well as a Z8000 as CCU were 
even at that time more than diagonal. Result: The device never came beyond 
the Enwicklungsstadium. The board is handwired partly still and seems up to 
RAM completely (inclusive Z80XX on Doughtercard as well as original C900 of 
boat Rome). Handwritten notes prove the section as functional. Since 
Commodores in a cardboard overslept the fall 14 years unaffected. Whether 
to waking up (interfaces are all there) or ideal-proves as ultimative 
showcase model - a piece of history around you each collecting tank 
colleague leg oaths becomes."

In particular, the sentence "Since Commodores in a cardboard overslept the 
fall 14 years unaffected." :)

Cheers, Ade.
Be where it's at, B-Racing!

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