Ang: Re: CP/M programming for the C128?

From: Mikael Holm (
Date: 2003-01-28 13:49:14


Your use of SPORT for swaping partitions seems alot like my switching of 
.d64-disks under 64HDD. 

I can't seem to find any useful (to me at least) information about how to 
switch mode run some 8502-code and then return to CP/M... Unfortunately 
the guys at Herne don't have access to any C128's any more, it's been a 
while since they wrote the utilities so, no help there either...

Well I guess I have to disassemble SPORT.COM and see if I can make any 
sense of it... Any suggestions for a good Z80 (CP/M or other) 
disassembler? Preferrably runnable on my PC or C128...


I know you have been referred to the Herne site, but have you looked at
its following page:

This should have most all the information you are seeking.

As to SPORT, I have used it to swap RAMLink (RL) partitions. The RL
system is limited to using only 1541 partitions in CP/M.  However, SPORT
allows an unlimited number of these 1541 partitions.  Also, SPORT will
read the RL real time clock during the boot (from RAMLink) to
automatically set the CP/M operating system clock, etc.  Very versatile.

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