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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2003-01-28 13:16:10

>>>>> "MH" == Mikael Holm <> writes:

MH> Hej allihopa... I've just been looking at auctions on E-bay... I
MH> saw an auction for a "Netzteil für 1541-II / 1571-II / 1581
MH> Floppy" (Power pack for ...) Now I'm a bit curious... What is a
MH> 1571-II? Ive never seen such a thing, have any of you?

From the SWoC:


Not known to exist, but there is a mention of it in a very strange
place: 1541-II power supplies, as reported by Ron Slaminko, so
Commodore must have for a time considered producing such a unit. If it
existed at all, it would have most likely resembled a 1541-II with
drive electronics based on the 128DCR's internals, according to
Nicolas Welte; this means a single chip 5710 instead of the regular
WD1770/6526 controller combination and an integrated R/W amplifier
chip like the 1541-II. As this is only one extra chip on the board, it
would probably have fit into the same case without difficulty, but no
one can confirm if Commodore even got it to prototype state.

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