PCB manufacturing. Was: Am29F032B in SO44

From: Gideon Zweijtzer (gideonz_at_dds.nl)
Date: 2003-01-22 19:18:44

Hi Rainer!

>> Maybe after I got some of my costs back from having this PCB
>> manufactured. :) (I will have 10 boards made at the first proto run.)
>> But you can have a look at  www.gideonz.dds.nl for the picture of the
>> layout so you have an idea what it looks like.
>Just for curiosity - what do you pay per dm^2 for that multilayer
>One of the cheapest manufacturers for 4-layer PCBs I found so far are
>MVPCB (www.mvpcb.de) and PCB Pool - but these still charge around
>per dm^2 for smaller quantities.

When I have 10 boards made, I pay EUR 17,70 per dm^2 per board. This is
including bare board electical testing, but without VAT. Fewer boards
are actally more expensive. First I thought of having 5 boards made, but
10 is actually cheaper!! So 10 boards it is!

You can go to the online calculator if you wish:
www.eurocircuits.com. As a matter of fact, I don't have any experience
with this company yet, but the 'specs' are good: The smallest holesize
they support is 0.35 mm, with 0.15 mm trace widths and clearance.
Unfortunately they do not give the possiblity for galvanic gold (or
silver) plating, which I actually need for my PCI connector. Do you have
a suggestion to this problem? (I will just accept a non-plated PCB for
now, since it is a prototype anyway.)


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