Re: Looking for one Am29F032B in SO44 case

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2003-01-21 21:19:11

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 11:57:57AM -0800, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> Personally, if it could be interfaced to the 64 (or both), I'd be more
> interested in it (and possibly others).

That's not impossible to arrange, but the logic chip would have to be
reprogrammed to switch modes.  If the logic chip had one more I/O pin and
more available flipflops and gates, it could detect the mode and use a
different initial Flash ROM bank on the two computers, so they that could
share the same "file system".  The chip can be reprogrammed via a PC's
printer port, so it's not completely impossible.

But wouldn't it be simpler to have a C64 version of the cartridge?  It could
be a little cheaper, as the 32k SRAM could be omitted, and the circuit board
could be made smaller.  Then again, wouldn't it be even nicer to have a REU
clone with 4 MB Flash ROM and 16 MB SDRAM?


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