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From: Christopher Phillips (cphillips_at_reflectionsinteractive.com)
Date: 2003-01-07 11:00:01

Jeri - I've taken the liberty of forwarding your question to the cbm-hackers
list (cc'd) where you are most likely to find someone who can answer your

Anyone?  Anyone?

(for those not familiar with the project, the commodoreone is basically an
extended c64 with most of the custom hardware (superVIC etc) on a pair of
reprogrammable FPGAs.  It's very close to it's first production run.  As the
FPGA is reprogrammed at boot either from compact flash or other media,
compatibility bugs can be ironed out after release, but obviously before
release would be better!)

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> Subject: [CommodoreOne] VICII Sprite Idle Access?
> Hi,
>   I'm reworking the VICII core for cycle accurate during the borders,
> but I'm not certain about the idle accesses between sprites. Do any
> demo coders know if they are fetched and used for the 
> graphics output? 
> What does the graphics looked like if the sprites are fetched 
> and there
> is no idle accesses?
> Thanks
> Jeri  


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