Re: GeoRAM Schematic

From: Howard Herman (
Date: 2002-12-19 16:38:28

Yes, Nick noted a patch that I was unaware of, that gives the geoRAM
native C128 compatibility.

I was referring mostly to commercial software, like the Pocket series
(Writer, Planner, Filer) that needed the real Commodore 17xx REU, and
would not work with Berkeley's geoRAM.

> wrote:
> > As I recall a GeoRam will only work for/in GEOS, unlike a real 1750.
> Why only for GEOS? It is just a matter of software and you can use
> GeoRAM in any application you develop.
> The C128 has the needed software in ROM, the C64 hasn't. But it didn't
> stop people to develop software that can make use of a REU attached to
> a C64.
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