C128 Square DIN power plug

From: Niklas Ramsberg (niklas.ramsberg_at_swipnet.se)
Date: 2002-12-18 22:46:31

Hej allihopa!

Looking through the comp.sys.cbm archives, I found a post by Ray Carlsen
where he pointed to a shop that still (in 1998) sold the square power
supply plug for the 128. Much to my surprise they still sell it. The
shop is http://www.mouser.com, and the part number 171-4405. They also
carry the jack (part no 161-0215).

I'm planning to build a replacement C128 PSU out of a PC PSU and a 9VAC
transformer, so I really need this part.

The problem is that they don't ship orders below $100 outside
USA/Canada/Mexico. I only need one or two plugs and perhaps a jack,
which wouldn't amount to more than a few dollars (the plug is $1.49 and
the jack $1.16).

Is any of you Americans on the list willing to order two plugs and a
jack for me? I would naturally send you the money in advance. Perhaps
other Europeans would be interested too so we could make a bigger order?
According to Mousers homepage, they have 24 plugs in stock.

/Niklas Ramsberg

P.S. Today I got the VIC-20 RAM/ROM expansion that Nicolas Welte sent
me. Anyone interested in a really neat way to expand their VIC, PET or
1541 should take a look at that project on

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