KIMplement for the 64

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2002-12-08 00:43:31

Having completed my software 6502-on-6502 emulator, I figure a test suite is
in order. What better test suite than the consummate 6502 classic computer
itself, a KIM-1?

This is a 100% software, partial emulation of the KIM-1 that runs on a stock
64 (and should work on a SuperCPU, although I haven't tested it). It supports
all documented NMOS opcodes, TTY support, LEDs and SST support, and includes
Revision E ROMs built-in. Five application programs, including Lunar Lander
and Microchess, are available as a separate (small :-) download.

The emulator itself is ~25K and is available as a standard .prg.

Comments appreciated, as always.

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